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Quality Home Inspection Testimonials

Here at Spartan Home Inspections, we strive to provide every one of our clients with the best quality home inspection possible and ensure that their experience with us is top notch.

- Connie Grassi -

Kip was great to work with. He answered all of my questions and helped put my mind at ease about the home I want to purchase. I love the fact that he takes pictures and video of things that need to be repaired so that an explanation to others is very simple. I would absolutely recommend him to others! He is thorough, professional and just great to work with.

- Cindy Bates -

I highly recommend Kip. He is an excellent home inspector, very professional, thorough, helpful, caring and in general just a very kind person. He answers and returns calls promptly. Scheduling is quick and easy and his turn around times for reports are always within 24 hours. He has a vast knowledge of useful information in the real estate industry.

- Bob Canning -

As a real estate agent in East Idaho, it is important to me to have a home inspector that is very detailed and makes the reporting easy to read and understand. Kip Robinson at Spartan home inspection has provided great service and is very responsive to my needs. I highly recommend Kip and Spartan Home inspection.

- Graydon Larsen -

Great experience with a great inspector who did a thorough job and made sure we were aware of anything and everything that needed attention.

- Jody Page -

Kip was great!! He was very thorough and includes a lot of pictures and videos. Highly recommend him for all your home inspection needs.

- Emily & Jaden Cornelius -

Kip from Spartan Home Inspections is great. He looked over a home we were going to buy and made it really fast and easy. He knows what he is doing and is really easy to work with. Would recommend him to friends and family.

- Shawna Smith -

Kip was great with our home inspection. He was flexible and able to meet with us around our work schedule and he was SO thorough. He literally checks out EVERYTHING! And I loved that we were able to get a copy of the report. We printed it out and still refer to it from time to time now that we live in the house. We will definitely be using him on all our home purchases from here on out. Great job!

- Garon Galloway -

Thorough, articulate, and easy to work with; we highly recommend Spartan Home Inspections.

- Brandon Winter -

Kip saved Christmas! Heater was out and within 10 mins, he was at our house and had things up and running.

#KipSavesChristmas #OldSaintKip

- Sha Moo -

So impressed! We were so pleased with Spartan Home Inspection! Kip did an amazing, detailed job of reviewing every aspect of the home and documenting all his findings. He was so pleasant, helpful, & enjoyable to work with! I had heard excellent reviews about Kip & Spartan Home Inspection and was still surprised by how pleased we were with our experience! Highly recommended! Thank you Kip & Spartan Home Inspection!

- Stacy Eager -

It was a simple and extremely helpful process. I got much more than I ever anticipated in quality and more. I highly recommend Spartan Home Inspections and will use them for all of my future needs.

- Ryan Stone -

I was extremely pleased with the home inspection that Spartan performed for us. The report was very easy to follow and had a lot of great pictures and videos that helped us to understand the issues that were found. Spartan did a very thorough job and helped us feel confident about the house we were buying.

- Chris Rumrill -

Very professional and efficient and his work. Kip was a true joy to work with, he walked me thru the inspection process and showed me exactly what was wrong. He also showed me a few tricks to fix some little things like outlets and window seals. Kip was a true professional and very insightful. I would recommend Spartan Home Inspection to anyone looking for a house inspector.

- Johnson Family -

I love this home inspection! Kip was thourough, explained everything well, and was easy to understand and work with. The reports were thourough as well and helped to show in detail all of his findings.

- Daniel Mahler -

Spartan was great to work with and provided an excellent, very thorough inspection. We were very glad we used them for out inspection.

- Joseph Sagers -

We used Spartan home inspections before we bought a fixer upper. They were really great at walking us through all of our conserns before we purchased the home. They had a great working knowledge of all the different aspects of a functional home. Would definately use again.

- Damon Cox -

No stone un-turned! Kip was very professional and thorough. I had him inspect two homes and he saved me a lot of heartache on the first house. Without his meticulous inspection skills I would have been stuck in a home with major problems. He found water pressure issues, A/C outlet faults, holes in concrete, safety concerns and a large gem of a mess in the attic. The report he generated was very detailed and made it easy to back out of the purchase.

On the second home we looked at he identified concerns and issues also but with the inspection report and picture details I was able to clearly define issues with the owner that needed to be addressed. His reports are so detailed it leaves no room for questions.

Kip was fantastic to work with. He is as good as they come and I will recommend him to anyone I hear may be buying a home. He saved my bacon twice. Thank you so much Kip!

- Ross Waltman -

Very thorough, even though the seller's were there and their kids were going wild.

- Xela Smith -

Great home inspector, very thorough and includes pictures and videos for your reference. Kip is very helpful and addresses any questions you may have. Highly recommend Spartan!

- Ashley Ball -

I highly recommend going through Spartan Home Inspections. He was so professional and checked EVERYTHING! He was very detail oriented and made sure to explain what he had found. He provided us a detailed report with pictures and videos of every aspect of the house even if there was nothing wrong with it. We are so happy we went to him.

- Kristen Briggs -

Great and very thorough work. My husband is a contractor and he said Spartan's work was some of the best and more thorough he has ever seen. Nice, quick and great service. Highly recommend him. The reports we got at the end were very nice. Included tons of pictures and even videos. He took great care and time to make sure our condo purchase was satisfactory and that we were making a good buy!

- Christopher Smelcer -

Kip is awesome! When I scheduled my inspection with him I accendently did it on memorial day. Instead of rescheduling Kip showed up and did the inspection for me. He did an great job and was very honest about the house and was able to give refrences for repairs. Great to work with!

- Alma Merrill -

I have known the owner, Kip, for over 15 years. He is the highest quality of Human that exists and will always serve you well!

- Doug Hall -

As a real estate agent, it is very important for me to have a thorough and complete home inspection. My customers and clients absolutely depend on it. Kip's inspections are thorough, detailed, easily understood by my customers, and are completed in a professional and easy manner. The report that Kip provides is absolutely incredible and easy to use.

Kip's professional background in several areas (general contracting, fire-fighting, etc.) makes him completely qualified for your home inspection. Kip's prices are WELL BELOW the average home inspector's price and the report is completed within about 24 hours. I recommend only one inspector to all of my customers and that inspector is Kip Robinson with Spartan Home Inspections. You're in good hands with Kip!

- JoDean Morris -

Kip is amazing! He is very professional. I would recommend him for any home inspection, big or small.

- Steve Perry -

I have worked around several home inspectors in the area and Kip is by far the most thorough. His priority is to help & protect you, the buyer.

- Rod Penfield -

Kip did an outstanding job inspecting our prospective home. We have never met Kip in person this was all set up over the phone and Kip did a very thorough well documented report that included pictures and video. A high quality person and a high quality job. If you need a home inspector, look no further call Kip!!
Thanks Kip!! Great Job!!!

- Daylen Pollard -

WOW! They are amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone. They are the best you can find. Kip is fantastic to work with. He was super friendly, explained things clearly, and well experienced. The report was phenomenally well put together. There are tons of pictures, videos, explanations and even an option to have it put into a new report of stuff you want repaired. Great Company!

- Drea Roman -

Spartan Homes is professional and extremely thorough. So easy to work with!

- Lee Dayton -

Kip presented timely at the home we were considering. He was focused, thorough and efficient. His report was complete with coroborating photos and video. His was the most complete report I have ever read. The inspection was well worth the cost and will likely help us to save a signicant amount of money should the purchase go forward.

- Jenny Johnson -

Kip is a pro to his bones, checking everywhere even if he barely fits, making allowance for a first-time buyers' inexperience, and explaining each problem's solution. Our inspection was very thorough. When we found an accidental omission in the report it was corrected and resubmitted with seemingly impossible speed. 10/10, would call again.

- David Poulsen -

Kip was very thorough and performed a great inspection of the home. He is also quite knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. I recommend Spartan Inspections if you’re in the market of buying a home.

- Kevin Anderson -

Truly professional service. Spartan's representative was clean, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. The inspection took several hours and he left no stone unturned. The report they provided was thorough, and full of images with detailed explanations. It was easy to read and to send around to interested parties. The report dug up some very undesirable conditions in a home we were under contract to purchase, and it literally saved us from buying a money pit. We can't thank you enough! You did a bang up job, guys. If you are reading this review to decide between inspectors in Eastern Idaho, call these guys first. Seriously.

- Haley Hansen -

We have had three home inspections, and this is by far the best. Loved the thorough explanations and pictures of issues. Great communication, and very helpful when we had more questions. Great price too!

- Miguel Rivera Jr. -

The report was very well done with pictures and videos of the areas of concern. Very up to date with technology and gets things done right. I highly recommend and although there may be people charging a few bucks less, I honestly recommend Spartan. You get what you pay for. A+++

- Jeff Shainholtz -

Thanks Kip! Very thorough, professional and personable!

- Travis Greene -

Kip Robinson with Spartan Inspections does a great job! He is thorough, detailed and offers suggestions on how to remedy those items that may be found through his inspection service. Kip has your best interest in mind and will offer an honest and complete inspection with detailed photos. He will not only educate you on the condition of the property, but give you peace of mind knowing all aspects of the that property have been reviewed.

- Ryan McBride -

Kip was very thorough and left a very detailed inspection for us to review before purchasing our home. We will be using him again and telling our friends about his company.

- Rick Robinson -

As a realtor in Idaho, I have been through several home inspectors, none of which have impressed me very much. Each seemed to have strengths in some areas, and extreme weaknesses in others. Spartan Home Inspections has strengths in all areas of the home inspection, going above and beyond any other inspector I have worked with. I recommend Spartan without any reservations. All of my clients have been extremely satisfied with their home inspections and the interactive inspections reports they receive. They are a 5-Star inspection company!

- Merv Brown -

I can recommend this service to anyone. Kip was thorough and knowledgeable. He spent plenty of time discussing the issues with me and answering any questions I had. The inspection was well worth it. And on top of this, Kip is very friendly and helpful. Excellent service and quality product.

- David Harrell -

I was impressed by Kip. He does a very thorough job (even tested all the outlets). I would definitely use him again. Oh - and the software he uses is nice because it includes pictures and videos - great for going back to after you close on the house.

- Marcus Hurst -

Every detail was meticulously scrutinized and identified on the report. I highly recommend Spartan Home Inspections.

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