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How to pick a good home inspector

How to pick a good home inspector. When picking a good home inspector, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. Experience and training: Make sure the inspector has a solid background in construction and has completed a reputable home inspection training program.

2. License and certification: Choose an inspector who is licensed and certified by a professional organization, such as the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

3. Reputation: Research the inspector's reputation and read online reviews from previous clients. Spartan Home Inspections is East Idaho's highest-rated and most-reviewed home inspection company. Look for inspectors who have a high level of professionalism and a good track record of thorough and accurate inspections.

4. Communication skills: A good inspector should be able to clearly explain their findings and answer any questions you may have. Look for someone who is knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively.

5. Availability: Choose an inspector who is available to conduct the inspection at a time that works for you, and who can provide a detailed report in a timely manner. At Spartan Home Inspections, we build all of your inspection reports during the actual home inspection. The report is complete with both pictures and videos adding as much detail as we can for you. We will send you your completed inspection report before we even leave the property.

6. Cost: Compare the inspector's fee with others in the area, but don't let cost be the sole deciding factor. A lower fee may mean that the inspector is less experienced or cuts corners. It is recommended to interview several inspectors and ask for references to find the best fit for your needs. Remember " A good inspector isn't cheap and a cheap inspector isn't good"

Ultimately, choose an inspector who you feel confident and comfortable with, and who you trust to provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the property.

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