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How To Negotiate Using Your Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report can be a valuable tool when negotiating with a seller. Here are some tips on how to negotiate using your home inspection report:

  1. Identify Priority Issues: Review the inspection report carefully and identify the most pressing issues that need to be addressed. Focus your negotiations on these items.

  2. Consult with the Inspector: If you have any questions about the inspection report, consult with the inspector. They can provide additional information and clarification about the findings.

  3. Review the Purchase Agreement: Review the purchase agreement and determine what provisions, if any, exist for addressing any problems or issues that were identified during the inspection.

  4. Make a Request: Contact the seller and make a request to address the priority issues that were identified in the inspection report. Be clear and specific about what you are asking for.

  5. Be Open to Compromise: Be prepared to compromise with the seller. They may not be willing to address every issue, and it may be necessary to prioritize and make trade-offs.

  6. Get it in Writing: If the seller agrees to make any repairs or address any issues, make sure that the agreement is put in writing and included in the purchase agreement.

Negotiating using a home inspection report can be a valuable way to address any concerns or problems with a property. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are making informed decisions and protecting your investment.

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